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There are 3 renowned landscape photographers in this country who above all others produce work of the highest calibre.

David Noton & Joe Cornish are 2 who I have had the pleasure of meeting and seeing their work at first hand; the other is Charlie Waite. Until the other day I had only his books to admire but I took an early opportunity to visit 'Silent Exchange', an exhibition of 60 of his works currently on at the National Theatre on the South Bank in London. It runs for at least 2 months and is open daily except Sunday 0930 - 2200. Entry is free.

Charlie Waite has a great ability to isolate elements of a wider scene and with his eye for composition, an understated use of colour and an excellent balance of contrast his work is exemplary and widely admired. I will be a happy man when I might consider my work to be half as good as his. It does no harm for me to refresh my objectives and having the opportunity to view such work was a great motivator. I thoroughly recommend to anyone remotely interested in landscape photography to take a trip to 'Silent Exchange'. I think I might repeat my visit before it ends.

As well as doing some viewing I spent time in The National History Museum; the architecture of the building is remarkable and I will not be the last photographer to interpret the building in their own vision. Shooting in colour it was always my intention to convert to a sepia tone in post production as I think the ambience of the place ideally suits this form. Below are a couple of images to contrast, before......

National History MuseumNational History Museum

...and after.....

National History MuseumNational History Museum

I like them both, but then I would wouldn't I!!

The light at dawn holds a fascination for me and with this in mind I set off from home just before 0300 on the summer solstice heading for a spot on the Essex Suffolk border. I knew where I was going and had a composition in mind. It did not come together for me, cloud in wrong place at wrong time. Win some lose some.

Continued to Aldeburgh and did a bit of Long Exposure shooting near the Martello Tower at Slaughden and then, somewhat fortuitously, found a clump of poppies which had inhabited a pile of abandoned gravel. To find a field of poppies was one of my objectives for the day and I meandered through the lanes of Suffolk with not a poppy in sight, verges excluded. About to abandon all hope I came across an area in the south of the county with plenty of poppies although I did not find the dense planting I would have liked. Nevertheless it suited my purpose. All- in-all a satisfactory morning. I was home just after 1100 and was amazed when I realised I had been on the road for 8 hours and it was still not lunchtime!

What other news? Sea Pictures Gallery in Clare are holding their Summer Exhibition and I pleased that a specially selected portfolio of my Suffolk images are available exclusively from the Gallery until mid-August.

Finally I can announce that in September I, along with my ever reliable assistant, Mrs.Smith, will be making the long journey to Buxton as I have a place at The Artist & Designer Fair to be held in the Pavilion Gardens, happy to be so close to my home town of Macclesfield. Details of this and my other events can be found on my Events page.

That is it for this month, if you have got this far thank you very much for reading, now a few more images to finish....

Natural History Museum (4)Natural History Museum (4)



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