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We have moved house on many occasions, all with minimum of fuss and problems so perhaps the protracted and difficult time we have had over the last couple of months is payback! Even as I write we are only half way through the process having taken temporary accommodation to avoid our sale falling through. Hopefully in about 3 weeks we will have finished, apart from decorating that is!

This further delay has caused me to withdrawn from Spitalfields Arts Market at the beginning of September, hopefully with fingers crossed we will be back in October at the start of a busy run-in to Christmas. I am using what time I have at the moment to prepare for our first distant event, namely in Buxton on 13th & 14th September. I will have some new work available for the first time presented slightly differently than I have to date.

There has been a period this summer when events at home have totally eclipsed any opportunity to take photographs although I was able to fulfil some commercial commissions on time. One of these was some further work for Osea Leisure Park near Maldon; the final part of the assignment was to capture new beach huts that had recently been erected in such a way that at high tide they are surrounded by the sea, unique in this area and having seen them at first hand, highly desirable. Anyway it was mentioned to me that a reporter from The Sunday Times had visited and there was to be an article in that weeks edition. I dare not ask if any of my images were to be used for fear of immediate disappointment.

Imagine how I felt when I opened the paper; on the front cover of the Home section was one of my images and inside there were a couple more. Hugely satisfying to know that a client feels my work worthy of representing their product in such an important journal. Chuffed.

This year I entered a number of images in Landscape Photographer of the Year run by Take-a-View and was greatly encouraged to know that one of them has been short listed for the final selection. I wait though more in hope than expectation as the standard of work submitted is outstanding, nevertheless I am rather pleased to have got to the next stage and will keep my fingers firmly crossed. Whatever the outcome I will have one copy in print at Buxton available for purchase during the weekend.

Opportunities to go out with my camera have been limited and then rather fleeting however I find I can not go too long without exposing. There is a photographer I know in Brighton called Finn Hopson. Finn specialises in images captured in and around his home town as well as the nearby South Downs. I have long admired his work as well as his foresight to create a niche portfolio. So successful was his solo exhibition last year that he has ventured to set up his own gallery - Brighton Photography - . I do not normally advertise the work of others but Finn deserves to succeed as running a gallery is a risky business but I am sure the quality of his work and his presentation will form the basis for a successful future. If you are in Brighton I wholeheartedly recommend you pay him a visit.

Anyway while I was down in Brighton I took a few pictures, the one below of the remains of the West Pier, which is usually captured at dawn or dusk, I rather like as it is somewhat different to the way it is normally seen.

Although it was the middle of the day I did venture up towards Firle Beacon and took this picture of contrasts; a newly ploughed field showing the chalk and flint which predominates in the area, fronted by a small patch of poppies & daisies. I particularly like the way passing clouds have dappled the background.

I had been aware for some time of a rather photogenic part of the new sea defences protecting the coastline around Felixstowe in Suffolk so last weekend, aware of the tide times I set off arriving an hour or so after sunrise. For once it was not the dawn light I was after. High Tide was due at 1048 and I was not sure at what stage of the flow tide this particular structure would best present itself. I spent the next three hours capturing the scene from various angles and at different phases of the rising tide. Needless to say I now have quite a sequence of images. This in itself created me a problem in choosing what I felt were the best. Not easy and very subjective. My intention was to use long exposures to create the effect I wanted. I enjoyed the experience and found passing locals both interested in what I was doing as well as very friendly. My only criticism of the images I outputted? Well I would have preferred a dull sky rather than the bright almost cloudless sky. I think the images would have had more character but again that is subjective. It was rather breezy but the measures I take to maintain a very stable platform were all employed and I only discarded a single image because it was unsharp. My chosen 2 images are both below, one colour the other monochrome.

Once our house move is finalised and we are sorted out I shall give some thought to my autumn and winter shooting, although from October until Christmas much of my time will be taken up by the events I will be attending. In the meantime I will continue to make the most of our temporary but convenient proximity to the seafront. Some attractive sights just waiting to be photographed!

Hope you enjoyed by musings or ramblings, you decide! Thank you for reading.




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