Totally Photographic V - Exhibition - The Award Winners

January 23, 2015  •  1 Comment

Just heard that Landscape Photographer of the Year Exhibition at Waterloo has been extended until 28th February.

Very pleased to have been invited to contribute to the Totally Photographic V exhibition hosted by the delightful Sea Pictures Gallery in Clare, Suffolk. It starts on 24th January and runs until 28th February.

Work of 5 photographers including myself will be on display and available to buy. The other four contributors are Andrew Midgley, Paul Coghlin, Rebecca Nason & Glyn Barney. Like me Andrew had work included in Landscape Photographer of the Year, Collection 8. In fact is image was chosen for the cover. Included in my work will be this rather ethereal image captured late on a December afternoon from the beach at Dunwich.


Full details are available at

Whilst on the subject of exhibitions there are only a few days left to see the complete exhibition of LPOTY winners at Waterloo, it ends on 31st January. On the 26th and 27th all images will also be shown on the giant information board above the platform entrances. I am so pleased to report that my picture 'Winter' has attracted much positive feedback during the last few weeks whilst on display at Waterloo.

My small selection of images on sale at Havens of Westcliff-on-Sea have recently been renewed.

Some months ago I mentioned that Alamy had sold one of my stock images to be used on a book cover but it was only a week or so ago that I was told which book. The publishers have used it in a very interesting way converting it to look like a negative. I suspect they selected this particular image because it suited the theme of the book and also because in composing the picture I created a lot of negative space which is ideal for publishers, they use this space whilst leaving the subject matter clearly visible.

Hard on the heels of the book cover I received by 2015 National Trust handbook and whilst browsing the picture credits which included Joe Cornish and David Noton I noticed Timothy Smith was so mentioned. I am not used to inclusion with such luminaries but nevertheless I was very pleased. The Trust had used a picture of Grange Barn in Coggeshall to augment the property entry. It was one of my images which I contributed to their stock image library.

I am pleased to say that my first events of the year are now confirmed, details on the Events page.

Early this month I was asked to do a shoot at very short notice in Hadleigh Country Park, the Mountain Bike course. The client gave very little information however I was able to fulfil the brief the following day. It may be of interest that I spent the best part of 4 hours up and down the park eventually shooting 179 frames as directed on the day. It took me another 8 3/4 hours in post-processing plus another 2 hours to transmit the final 128 digital images. I had delivered the brief as quickly as I could. The interesting thing is the ratio of shooting time to processing; of the almost 15 hours in total only just over a quarter was actually spent behind the lens. I think customers and clients are not always aware of the disproportionate amount of time taken to fulfil a shoot. In all likelihood there is a belief that I take a picture and hey presto! Clearly this is not the case. Throughout the whole process I am keenly aware of the need to deliver high quality images and on time. To date I have always managed to fulfil a clients brief.

Examples of my commercial work can be viewed at

That is all from me for this month.

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