A Few Days Away........

October 02, 2015  •  1 Comment

.....we could wind down after a hectic month and perhaps take a few snaps. Actually I don't do snaps! There's the rub, every time I take a picture there has to be a purpose, mine is solely commercial, well I have to make a living....I think the last words might one day be the start of a blog post!

Since going full time in 2009 I have given every possible living moment to succeeding, however that may be measured. I sought advice and was given plenty not least 'it won't be easy'. It isn't nor has it been but for now I will soldier on, perhaps there will come a point when sanity steps in.

For now I will continue seeking to create images which generate delight and pleasure in those who see photography as an art form. It is no secret I take pictures because I enjoy it, but of course I want, or rather need, to sell them. Perhaps this year I have not devoted sufficient time given that I did promise to get our new house sorted out and now that task is just about complete my creatative juices are starting to flow.

Wales, a country close to our doorstep and full of photographic variety, hills, coasts, mountains, lakes, streams, castles; so a few days in the north would be well spent. Driving up I said to Elaine that if I came back with 5-6 good artful pictures then I would be pleased. Doesn't seem many but out of 240 taken over 3 days that is about as good as it can get. Of course many of my shots are taken with Stock sales in mind but for me the ultimate pleasure is seeing my work printed and displayed for sale. Talking of which I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my image which received the Judges Award at last years LPOTY competition is still on display at Waterloo Station along with a few of the other winners. I know this because two people have recently ordered a copy having seen it at Waterloo. I am sure it will very soon be removed in readiness for the 2015 winners which I can say with certainty will not include any of mine.

'Winter'.....you have been very good to me, as have all the kind people who liked it so much they are happy to have a copy hung in their homes. Thank you to them.


I hope to have a couple of new images in print in time for the Arts Market at Spitalfields which starts in less than a week, 8th October for 4 days. Following that is The Made in Essex Show at RHS Hyde Hall 7th & 8th November.

Oh, I should mention that from now on I will be issuing all pictures as Limited Editions, generally no more than 25 as although I have never printed any image in volume I am finding that people feel more comfortable knowing that their purchase is reasonably unique and unlikely to appear in many places.

Here are just a couple of my New Images, others can be seen in that Gallery as well as those in Featured.

Tu Hwnt I'r Bont, Llanrwst Dusk, Llandudno Penmon Point, Anglesey


Thanks for reading, hope to see you perhaps at one of my upcoming events, just in time for Christmas!!


Hi Tim,

Your photo of Durdle Door still has us both commenting on how relaxing it is to look at after a hard day's work!

Keep it up.

Peter & Maxine (purchased from Spitafields Market)
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