A Busy Couple of Months

March 03, 2015  •  3 Comments

Since the start of the year I have had plenty to do, some commercial shoots, a quick trip up to Suffolk, the shared exhibition at Sea Pictures Gallery in Clare, the on-going display of winning LPOTY images at Waterloo, both of which have now ended, and more.....

Image sales to personal clients as well as to corporate customers. Shooting for stock - most recently the largest ship ever to enter the Thames, Munkebo Maersk, visited London Gateway. It is large and was well worth getting soaked waiting for the delayed departure.

A picture of mine you may have seen before taken from Firle Beacon in Sussex has been highly commended by David Noton, I was bowled over to read the following comments...

David Noton - You've done a great job with this shot, the compressed perspective works well as does the subtle dawn light. I sometimes think normal people don't quite get we photographers obsession with mist but they're the losers!

Ross Hoddinott - I'm a sucker for mist and also quiet conventional, beautiful landscapes. A lovely simple arrangement and that splash of colour in the sky really makes the shot

Katie Simmonds - This is peaceful, calm, abstract and visually beautiful. I want to physically see this view!

Tom Redfern - I've seen similar scenes while on early morning mountain bike rides on the South Downs but I've never a photograph that perfectly captures that dream-like quality of mist slowly evaporating in the growing heat of the early morning sun. Beautiful.

So in a matter of three months I have won the judges award from Charlie Waite at LPOTY and now David Noton, the photographer whose work and writing has given me the most inspiration over the last few years , has commented so favourably. I really do think I must be doing something right!

Should I blow my own trumpet? Well yes I think I will! This is the image these kind words refer to.

As I mentioned at the beginning the shared exhibition, Totally Photographic V at the wonderful Sea Pictures Gallery at Clare in Suffolk has now come to an end, it was really successful and I am grateful for the invitation to take part. Furthermore the Gallery will be maintaining a stock of my images for the foreseeable future. Hard to think of a nicer location.

Finally I have been planning some trips, most notably to Dorset & Dartmoor in April and the Lake District in May. I do plan to be back in Suffolk very soon having identified some potential new locations whilst on my last trip there. And of course as I have mentioned in another blog I will be continuing to explore the wonderfully different world of Infra Red Photography.

Plenty happened and plenty happening.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you find my blogs of interest.







3.Tom Foster Edinburgh Landscape Photographer(non-registered)
That ship is ridiculous! Almost looks photoshopped! Surprised that it doesn't sink with that much weight on it! You're right, well worth the effort!
Also, love the foggy shot!
For sure you have very nice collection of landscape photos.
As always i love the photographs and am so happy to see that you are being recognised!!!
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