From the Archives and a Road Trip

April 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

For me the weather in March was dim, dismal and very cold. Depressing. So I delved through my archives to find an image which would cheer and warm at the same time.

Having so many images I sometimes forget what I have but when I saw 'Blue' it reminded me what a superb image it is and deserved another viewing. It was taken a few years ago from the beach at Deal in Kent using a long exposure. For effect during post-processing I did enhance the blue to give me the image I was looking for. Seeing it again pleased me so much that I printed, mounted and framed it; white mount and frame. It does look exceptional against a white background. Pleased to say it is now available from my web site or better still it will be on show and for sale at the Arts Market in Spitalfields which runs for 4 days and starts on 9th April.


I have a few excursions planned for April and May but I wanted to slip in a quick trip, 24 hours, to see what I could achieve in such a small window. Of course it needed to be relatively local and have enough subjects. I chose Suffolk and gave myself 4 objectives:-

1) To photography Herringfleet Mill at dawn

2) Check out the location of a rather unusual sea defence

3) Use the sunny weather to capture some brightness at Southwold

4) To scout out a location I have had in mind for some time

Having booked myself a room in Beccles I set about locating Herringfleet in readiness for a dawn shoot. Ummm, easier said than done. Safe to say the evening recce did not go exactly as planned but I had enough knowledge to know how to get there in semi-darkness. Timed to perfection I was in place 40 minutes before sunrise but found myself muttering about too little cloud and a rather strong wind which would cause potential problems with sharpness if my tripod and camera were not properly anchored.

One of the great joys of being alone at such an early hour is to enjoy the changing light but also the local flora and in this case, fauna; a couple of Marsh Harriers took my attention before I concentrated on the job in hand. I got the pictures I went for although a bit more cloud would have helped. Sharpness-fine. Tripod anchored with bungee and camera bag, everything tight and me placed between wind and tripod whilst shooting.


As I was preparing to leave a couple of photographers arrived having travelled from Cambridge, not finding the most direct walking route from the car park they had missed the light and soon left. This illustrates clearly why I like to scout out beforehand.

My second task was easily accomplished but I was not happy with my images; as I had used exposure times of 10 - 15 seconds it did not matter how well I tried to ensure no movement of the camera during exposure, the elements won. To an ordinary eye the unsharpness is not obvious but to me it is so those images were binned. However I now know where the subject is and will feature sometime in the future.

The sun was bright, the sky blue as I set off for Southwold. I got plenty of shots, including many for my stock library and took the opportunity for a well earned bacon roll & coffee before heading off for my final objective.


I found what I was looking for although I did not expect to get any images other than for planning. As it happened I was able to compose a couple of passable images although noting that for the ultimate objective I would need to revisit at dawn preferably with a high tide.


For me the 24 hours was a great success and demonstrated what can be achieved in a short time with good planning and execution.

In 3 days time Elaine and I will be setting up at Spitalfields for another 4 days event running from 9th to 12th April. Thereafter I do have a very busy few weeks with trips already planned and some one-days trips to be fitted in especially as Infra Red and Bluebell season is upon us.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog as well as my images. Thank you for reading.


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