The Essex Craft & Design Show & Other Things

April 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This time last week I was tramping my way towards Wistman's Wood on Dartmoor; today I am busy preparing for the imminent Essex Craft & Design Show at RHS Hyde Hall in Essex. The 3-day event starts at 1000 on Saturday 2nd May.

Not only is it held in the delightful RHS Gardens but it is also without doubt the best event of its kind in Essex. Wonderfully organised and full of top quality artists and designers. It is open each day from 1000 until 1700. It is work for Elaine and I but always a pleasure. Jan and David, the organisers, are always fully committed to ensuring the event is a success for all. Not to be missed.

The weather for my 3 days in Dartmoor was perfect but not for landscape photography! Cloudless skies would you believe. I do not think I saw the best of Dartmoor, photographically speaking. It did however allow me to continue my dalliance with Infra Red shooting; a process of experimentation enabling me to get the type of image I am searching for. My efforts are now producing pleasing results. The image below is one I am particularly happy with, taken in a beech wood in Hampshire. The bright, low, slanting light highlighted the fresh growth perfectly and gave enough visible light to process the picture in the way I wanted to.  As the photographer it is not always easy to be objective but this does give me special satisfaction, I just wonder how others see it? I am looking forward to seeing it in print.

Enchanted Forest

My particular reason for visiting these woods was to see if the famed Bluebells were at their best; well not yet which means I have to squeeze another trip in next week just before I leave for the Lake District. Anyway I took the opportunity to use my Infra Red camera as well as my usual one, the fresh growth on the beech trees and the brilliant light made the colour sparkle and it was hard not to make some images. The one below is a set of 3 stitched together to express the true magnificence of the sight that morning.


Think that's it for now, hope you enjoyed the read and that perhaps some of you will be able to visit The Essex Craft & Design Show 2nd - 4th May, RHS Hyde Hall Gardens. If you do please stop by, say hello and have a browse.




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