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May 19, 2015  •  2 Comments

The culmination of a very busy 6 weeks was a four day trip to the Lake District. I confess that despite my years I have never previously visited this corner of England and what a corner it is! If for just a moment I forget that I am a photographer of landscapes I can safely say I was blown away (literally on a couple of days) by the scenery; the scale, variety and colour. The colours looked as if someone had been too heavy with their saturation slider but having seen it with my own eyes I can vouch for the deep natural colour.

I think if I never go anywhere else to photograph I would happily return time and time again to the area. Magnificent. Of course I am probably the last person in England to realise this but it is never too late to learn and put right a glaring omission.

Somewhat thwarted by the weather I did have a very busy time making the most of what was available; I think in truth it became a scouting mission for future trips. In four days I covered just over a thousand miles, home is just about 350 miles away so not somewhere I can just pop off to if conditions are right.

I do most of my shooting from a tripod but for at least half my time there it was too windy so I had to resort to a combination of wide apertures, high ISO and sheltering behind whatever I could in an effort to try and maintain sharpness. It worked to an extent. Some of the shots I had in mind before I ventured north had hoped to include flat water and sumptuous reflections, bit too choppy for that.

I was sad when I had to leave as there is so much potential, already realised by some notable contemporaries who have the envious opportunity afforded by location. They make the most of what they have on their doorstep and I would be wrong if I did not acknowledge their work had fuelled my determination to travel there.

A few pictures below may help you decide if I captured the essence of the Lake District.

Hause Gill (1) Dob Gill

You may have read in my previous blogs about my interest in false colour infra red photography and it was this in mind that on my way home I called in at Tatton Park in God's own county of Cheshire to see what I could make of their Japanese Garden, reputed to be the best in the country. As I progress with my IR work it is becoming more apparent that apart from bright, middle of the day sunlight, water and fresh foliage are essential to help me create stunning images, well I think they are but please judge for yourself! Because of the uniqueness of these images they are all sold as editions limited to 25.


My IR shooting is not limited to false colour.....

I have had in mind for some time capturing some worthy images of Bluebells especially as I have often been asked for some so with this in mind I made 3 trips down to woods in Hampshire which are renowned for the coverage as well as the delightful Beech trees. Only time will tell but I am delighted with what I managed to capture. An observational note; spending so much time in the woods from before sunrise to mid-morning emphasises how the light at any given time affects the actual colouration of the Bluebells. I mention this because from the two pictures below it is clear to see how non-directional pre-dawn light creates a completely different picture.


Our next Spitalfields Arts Market is only just over 2 weeks away, starting on 4th June, but I have much to do especially as for once we expect to have a bit more space in the end unit. It is essential to make the most of this unusual opportunity so my thoughts are focussed on an eye-catching display. Pictures chosen but printing and framing still to happen.

Hope it has been an interesting read, thank you.


2.Tom Foster Edinburgh Landscape Photographer(non-registered)
Some really nice landscape photos Tim. I've never really done any photography in the Lakes (only actually been through once or maybe twice if I recall)! Looks like I'm missing out though from these shots!
I really love the bluebell shots in particular!
Best wishes,
I love the new photos. I too have never been to the Lakes. Not a crime as far as I know but I always realised I had missed out.

I love the Bluebell photos too. Everyone seems to be mad for these shots. Perhaps because they are so quickly over. Spitalfields is changing, especially the market. Some very up market restUrants open, ottolenghi nearby and two Northern European up market. Plus an outlet of Poppies fish and chips.

Hope the weather is good for your return
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