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August 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

Safe to say that although I have not been at Spitalfields since early June I have not been idle! Trying to fit in decorating our new home with continuing to capture new work as well as fulfil a commercial assignment has kept me out of mischief.

Time has come though for the planning to start for a return to Spitalfields in a few weeks and a busy run in to the end of another year. Dates for my forthcoming events are at the end of this blog.

So what have I been up to?

A company selling luxury furniture contracted me to document the manufacture of a single piece from framework through to upholstery of a unique chair. In particular I was to capture the artisan workmanship which went in to the careful and excellent construction. The posh studio shots are left to someone else, my role was to spend time in the workshops photographing the details of production as well as to capture an essence of the atmosphere surrounding the craftsmanship. Here are a couple of shots......


A day off allowed us to watch the Australians play Essex at Chelmsford, of course I had to take my camera......If only Mr.Lehmann and Mr.Marsh knew what was coming their way!!!


My love of the Suffolk coast is no secret and this year I wanted to capture the heather in full bloom on Dunwich Heath at dawn. Pleased to have been in touch with the National Trust who kept me appraised of the flowering. Armed with this knowledge I was careful to select a day when the forecast would be suitable for my needs. So having been reassured by the BBC forecast on Tuesday evening for Dunwich the following day, (sun, sun, sun...) I set off from home at 0245. Throughout the journey there was cloud with occasional rain but I kept telling myself that it would be just fine when I got to Dunwich. How wrong I was and just how wrong was the forecast.

Blanket cloud, scudding rain and no expectation of a clearance. The only clear sky was to the north of Southwold and that was moving in the wrong direction. How can the forecasters be so inaccurate? I was not impressed, getting up at 0200 requires some dedication and determination. Anyway not one to shirk a challenge I got to work. The picture below is as good as I could get given the conditions, it is not one that will ever be printed unless of course someone asks me for one!


Tinged with disappointment and some resentment I set off for Southwold and once I was there set up just north of the pier, the heavens opened! Grrrrr..........Patience, patience I kept telling myself. Sure enough the rain relented and I got to work in very flat light. I was pleased to have an opportunity to do some long exposures, most around 30 seconds making good use of my Lee x 10 filter, (Big Stopper). The pictures below are worthy I think and are available to order.

Southwold PierSouthwold Pier Southwold MarkerSouthwold Marker

Before leaving I popped to Gun Hill in the hope that the Beach Café would be open and serving their rather nice bacon rolls. Too early! Such is the life of a Landscape Photographer. Whilst at Gun Hill I could not resist a few more shots of my favoured beach huts, this time viewed from a different perspective.

Gun HillGun HillA Limited Edition of 25

I was minded to return to Dunwich Heath on the way home but only if there was to be any sign of a clearance with some more brightness. None was apparent just unrelenting blanket grey cloud.

Orford is sort of on the way home in a circuitous way but having visited the Pump Street Bakery before I just had to make another pilgrimage. I really can not praise this place highly enough, the breads, pastries and coffee are second to none, as is their chocolate I am told. Given the queue at the door when I got there I am not the only one who likes their fare. Boosted by a strong coffee and a delightful Almond Croissant, (although it has a more posh name), I set off for home, along with a loaf of their wonderful bread. For the avoidance of doubt I have no connections whatsoever with this business, I just think it to be excellent!!


It is time I started to document my local coastline, the urban one stretching from Old Leigh to Shoeburyness by way of a number of photo walks when the mood takes me and the condition suits. I am not looking for arty pictures (well occasionally) but something more gritty and probably not subjects one would normally expect to capture. With an open mind I have no idea what might be out there. I have no time scale for my little project and look forward to continuing this journey in the near future, probably once the decorating is finally at an end!

Height of SummerHeight of Summer Passing ThroughPassing Through

So here are my dates for the rest of 2015:-

Spitalfields Arts Market September 3-6th, October 8-11th, November 12-15th, December 3-6th & 17-20th. Not forgetting of course The Made in Essex Show at RHS Hyde Hall 7th & 8th November. Work on display and for sale in September includes a brand new 30 x 20" Acrylic featuring one of my limited edition false colour Infra Red pictures. It has just arrived and although I say it myself it looks stunning. I hope you might get an opportunity to view it yourself and maybe buy it or order one of my other prints in this fabulous medium.

That's it, I hope you have enjoyed the read. Please do let me know if I can help you with any picture needs you have for home, office or as a gift or indeed any private or commercial commissions.




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We love the Pump Street Bakery too Tim and I have a lovely painting of Shingle Street by one of my artists at home - remind me to show you next time you are here. Hope you have Totally Photographic in the diary for 2016?
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