Thinking Local, Amongst Other Things

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I think I may be guilty of ignoring what is right on my doorstep so this year I need to give it more attention. It is no secret that I crave hills, fast flowing streams and rocky coastlines but at my age rushing here, there and everywhere can be a bit wearing when really I should look no further than the end of my nose.

My neglect of the locale dawned on me at the end of the year when I came across some images taken quite a few years ago which for reasons which escape me I never bothered processing. I worked a couple and decided that I need to add to my portfolio. Local pictures of mine sell well from Havens of Hamlet Court Road in Westcliff-on-Sea so I need to ensure I have plenty of variety.

DaybreakDaybreak Since my epiphany I have been out for sunset and sunrise and am rather pleased with what I managed to capture. Here are a couple of examples.

Southend SunriseSouthend Sunrise Last RaysLast Rays Whilst on the beach I had the opportunity to photograph a gentleman digging for bait. What I particularly like about this image - it looks good in colour but I prefer the monochrome - is the texture of the cloud and the ripples in the sand, they seem to compliment each other.

The Bait DiggerThe Bait DiggerA Limited Edition of 25 For a long time I have had in mind a panorama of the estuary taken from behind Old Leigh looking across the Thames and Two Tree Island. For this to me a success I need the right sort of light and probably for the tide to be in. The picture will have to be a stitched panoramic in order for me to show the detail and enable large prints. Today I was out in less than suitable weather just to survey where might be my best position in readiness for the right conditions converging around a sunrise. The picture below is not for sale, although it could be! It is the product of 9 hand-held vertical exposures. As this was just a recce I did not use filters or a tripod but even so I am quite pleased with the composition and final outcome, albeit rather drab. I can see in my minds eye what I want the final picture to look like. I would think it might take more than one visit before I get my ultimate picture.

In trawling my files I also realised that a considerable number of street & architecture images were lying unseen so I have added a couple of galleries to my web site, Street and Ancient & Modern. Another will soon be added as I need to reinforce that my work is not solely landscape but also commercial. In the next few days I will show of a selection of images from a variety of commissions and assignments undertaken over the last few years. Needless to say I remain available for other such opportunities. Using my camera and my knowledge in a different way is not only refreshing for me but also enhances my knowledge and flexibility.

CrossingCrossing Natural History Museum (3)Natural History Museum (3)

So far I have planned only one event, namely The Essex Craft & Design Show at RHS Hyde Hall, a 4 day extravaganza running from 29th April until 2nd May. Always a delight, never a disappointment. I have curtailed my attendance at Spitalfields Arts Market although I do hope I might have the opportunity to be there towards the end of the year. We will see. I have said before but it is worth repeating that my work is available online through my web site and I will always where possible be delighted to arrange private viewings of my work with no obligation. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Knowing how widely my work has sold I am sure that somewhere among my many images will be one to suit your needs be it for home, office or a gift. My Limited Edition prints run to no more than 25 so any of these will always have a particular rarity and uniqueness.

Please remember that my sale of large previously exhibited but never to-be-repeated framed pictures is still on.

As ever if you have got this far thank you very much for reading, I hope you found it interesting and please do let me know if I can help with any purchase you may be considering.


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