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November 11, 2016  •  1 Comment

This time last week we were busy setting up at RHS Hyde Hall for the weekend event, Made in Essex as part of RHS Woodfest. Little did we know what a busy and rewarding weekend was to follow. I say rewarding because not only did my work receive much positive comment but previous customers made the effort to come and say hello and indeed purchase more of my work. It is ironic that in the year appearances have been cut back I have received more positive feedback than ever. This was our final outing of the year but that does not mean I am closed, please contact me if you have an interest in purchasing. Orders for Christmas should be with me no later than 11th December to ensure delivery in time.

While at Hyde Hall I made the most of the gorgeous side-lighting and Autumn colour at each end of the day. I think these are Ash but am happy to stand corrected if there are any arborealologists (is that a word or have I just made it up?) out there!

SparklingSparkling AutumnAutumn Since last weekend I have visited three Essex woods, Thorndon, Epping & Hatfield. Conditions in each were different. Thorndon, the sun had just broken through and the light really saturated the autumn colours. In Epping it was dull and flat, no sun, no mist but still made for interesting compositions. Finally Hatfield Forest, I wanted to see some different species of tree and their Oaks did not disappoint. Arriving at dawn the air was clear and bright but during the next hour fog arrived giving some fabulous soft lighting which I really enjoy working in.

Beech WoodsBeech Woods Branching Out (1) OakOak Of course trees are not everyones cup of tea although last weekend I did have an interesting chat with a gentleman who was a member of a tree appreciation society. So if you do not like trees how about some local pictures from Old Leigh and Chalkwell also captured in misty conditions.

High & DryHigh & Dry MoltenMolten ChainChain

As part of my commercial work I do shoot high quality interior photographs, essential when it comes to design people and estate agents wanting to ensure premises look their best for potential purchasers. This year I have been shooting for a local company culminating in shots of their new kitchen showroom.

kitchensblend1kitchensblend1 kitchens4116kitchens4116 kitchens4065kitchens4065

Technique behind the camera and in front of the PC are fundamentally different from my everyday landscape work. Verticals must be exactly that, the outputted image should be bright and cheery with highlights and shadows captured dynamically. below are some examples of that work. Judge for yourself if I have achieved my objectives!

I should just add that 'Winter' my picture which won a Judges Award in 2014 LPOTY competition is to be included in a special 10th Anniversary book to be published in April 2017.

That is all for now. Thanks again for your continued support and I hope my work gives pleasure; if on viewing an image it places you there at the time then I have succeeded in my objective.


Arboriculturist is I think the word you were after. Are you aware of the Tree Charter the Woodland Trust are promoting? The details are on their website. We have a tree charter group in our village and have been on a couple of tree walks, learning about trees and mapping their positions. The tree charter is collecting "tree stories" to find out what trees or a particular tree mean to different people, its a very interesting project to those who love & those who just like trees
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