Photographers for Cumbrian Flood Appeal & a Varied & Busy Few Days

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I am going to begin at the end because what follows is perhaps, no, is definitely the most important thing I have to say.

It will not have passed your notice that the Lake District was devastated by the recent floods creating all sorts of havoc, disruption and sadness for many people; flooded not once, twice but in some areas 3 times in as many weeks. The area has given and will continue to give pleasure to millions of people with its unrivalled scenery. Of course me along with many other photographers owe much to the area and it was with this in mind that two very esteemed landscape photographers have got together to help give something back to the area through the Cumbrian Flood Appeal.

Mark Littlejohn (Landscape Photographer of the Year 2014) and Doug Chinnery (Light & Land Workshop Leader, amongst many hats he wears) have arranged a Photowalks Event in The Lake District on 21st February. A number of renowned photographers are donating their services that day. It sold out in a very short time. Allied to this on the evening of that day there will be a live auction of photographs donated by many respected landscape photographers. The third part of the great contribution from Mark & Doug will be an auction hosted by ebay of further outstanding imagery. I can not recall so much fabulous work for sale in one place before. The auction site should be live sometime today and can be accessed via the following link:-

eBay page:

Furthermore the catalogue can be downloaded now from:-


I have donated one of my personal favorites of last year, 'The Fence' 1 of 25. Great to have one of my pieces amongst many from landscape photographers whose work I admire.

​So by bidding on any of these marvellous images if you should win not only will you have contributed to a most deserving cause but will have something in return for your kind generosity.

Layout 1

Less than a week ago I ventured to Shoeburyness East Beach in search of some local images encompassing the windy and rough conditions we were experiencing. Reckoning that the conditions would be ideal for Wind and Kite Surfers I was not disappointed. In fact I was amazed I was able to keep my camera steady enough to capture some sharp images particularly of the Wind Surfers. It is not easy to fill a frame with a Kite Surfer! Pleased my technique stood up although it was nothing compared to what I faced 48 hours later as the latest deep depression swept in off the Atlantic battering the south west and south coast of England.

Shoeburyness Windsurfer - 6Shoeburyness Windsurfer - 6 A decision late on Sunday to go down overnight to avoid traffic and the inevitable M25 crossing closure meant that I was in place nice and early looking down on the outer wall of Brighton Marina. Having lived for so long now in Essex one is not accustomed to such fury on the sea front. It was something to behold as well as photograph. Using a very fast shutter speed I took what shelter I could from the wind, not much I have to say, and braced myself. I was so pleased with what I captured.....

​My next destination was to be Newhaven but on the way I stopped off on the cliff tops near Rottingdean; what a wind. How I managed to stay upright let alone take pictures I'll never know!

Newhaven, a small ferry port nestling beneath the South Downs protected from the wild seas by a long jetty on the western side with a small lighthouse at the southern end. The harbour wall is a magnet for sightseers and photographers on days like last Monday. All I can say is that it was a fantastic event to experience, nature as raw as I have known it not to mention conditions I am not used to working in but enjoy it I did. Suffice it to say I have a number of images from Newhaven which I am absolutely delighted with.

For obvious reasons I call this image 'Fury'.

And finally.....

​Even in the most challenging of conditions I can not avoid trying to be artful!

I finished off at Winchelsea Beach but this was somewhat sheltered from the worst of conditions so after Newhaven, Rottingdean & Brighton let's say it was a bit boring. Windy but boring.

A varied few days; indeed. Today I have been at a Care Home photographing some of the residents for the owners. A world away from the pent up meteorological fury I experienced a few days ago on the south coast.

Anyway thanks for reading but before I sign off I must remind you about the beginning of my Blog; the auction is without doubt a rare opportunity to give and receive. Some brilliant images, an opportunity not to be missed.




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