St.Chad's - A Different Proposition

February 04, 2016  •  2 Comments

Towards the end of last year I was asked by a very kind lady if I would be prepared to photograph the inside of her local church, St.Chad's in Haggerston. Never one to shirk a challenge I was delighted to agree, so at the end of November I spent a very pleasant few hours in the delightful church only a few minutes away from the hustle & bustle of Brick Lane in the east end of London.

The people at the church could not have been more welcoming and allowed me to work unfettered. For me the biggest challenge was the light; it was a drab day outside making the interior rather dull. As I was not using any photographic lights I used a technique I normally shy away from in my landscape work namely exposure blending.

Using a tripod was essential if this technique is to work. Each final image is the product of 5-7 identical shots using different exposures. This means I was able capture the shadow detail and ensure the highlights were not blown.

I was pleased with the results but more importantly so was my customer. Being able to photograph away from my usual style and technique is extremely satisfying and helps me become not only more experienced but introduces a versatility in to my abilities.

Happy customer, satisfied photographer. Job done!!



3.Hermon Kidane(non-registered)

We are very grateful for such a beautiful series of pictures.

Your exceptional ability is clearly visible in these exceptional images.

Many Thanks.

Church Warden,
Saint Chads
2.Mary nawal(non-registered)
What wonderful pictures. They show the church off wonderfully. What a great talent you have to produce such pictures
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