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After a hectic couple of years I decided to ease back this year especially on the Arts Market at Spitalfields, I felt it was time to take stock.

I have been photographing closer to home and over a period I have walked from Canvey to Shoeburyness along the sea front, now the title of my latest gallery. My purpose was not to take the arty shot but look if I could see everyday sights through my own eyes and perhaps take pictures others may not even consider. How have I done? Well although never satisfied I am pleased with progress to date. I will add and subtract.

What's onWhat's on TimeTime

Just because I have ended my time at Spitalfields does not mean I am any less keen to sell my work and I think I have mentioned previously that my work is available to view by private arrangement. It was very pleasing that someone travelled from London and spent time looking at and selecting from my work. My little RAV4 can not accommodate everything I have in print so it was beneficial to be able to have the space to display just about everything I have on offer. The less frenetic atmosphere was good for my viewers as it gave time to discuss requirements and what was possible or not possible. If you think you might like a good browse please do not hesitate to let me know.

In 2014 I was thrilled that one of my images, 'Winter' was the recipient of the award of the head Judge, Charlie Waite, in the Landscape Photographer of the Year. This year is the tenth year of the competition and to celebrate that fact a special limited edition compendium celebrating the best images of the competition will be published in October. Only 300 copies will be printed. So I was delighted to receive an e-mail telling me that 'Winter' will be included. That picture just keeps on giving! So fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time!


At most I have only two more events this year, the next will be The Essex Craft & Design Show at Cressing Temple Barns 24th & 25th September.


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