New Beginnings & A Book

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It has been some time since I last wrote in my Blog but I am happy to be back.

Winter or what passes for winter in these parts is coming to an end with milder weather and longer hours of daylight with new photographic opportunities around the corner.

During the last few months I have concentrated my efforts more locally through necessity as much as anything else although it is often said that one does not have to travel far from home to get good and interesting images. I want to be able to have photographs which interest people enough that they want to buy one( or more) but I think because of this I might have tried too hard to search for saleable compositions. I made a conscious decision to think more about what pleases my eye and indulge myself. This extends beyond what I shoot, I am increasingly taken towards square compositions as well as editing in a more artful way making use of various processing pre-sets I now have available.

My local wanderings during recent months have taken me along the Thames estuary from Canvey to Shoeburyness (more of this later) as well as enjoying time in various woodland settings, the most enjoyable being when there was fog and frost about. In such conditions I almost feel as if I am in photo heaven.

Danbury CommonDanbury Common The PondThe Pond

Not getting any younger I decided that perhaps I need not carry so much equipment on my back when I go out; always guilty of taking as much as I can 'just in case'. Now I decide what and how I will shoot and adapt and compromise if I need to. The picture below shows most of what I have and select from.

In the less busy times I occasionally look at some of my older images and see if I can process them in a better way - software and my skills have continued to progress - this image below was taken at Gordale Scar in Yorkshire some years ago, before and after.

Gordale ScarGordale Scar

I prefer the new version because it conveys more of what I felt and saw at the time and I think outputs the image more in keeping with the emotion I felt as I captured the scene.

Talking about my walks between Canvey and Shoeburyness brings me to my book! A project I have worked on for a couple of years: at the risk of offending locals, not any intent, as a landscape photographer the coastline offers so little in the way of drama with benign tides, flat coastlines and a complete absence of cliffs of any substance. Notwithstanding the topographical limitations I set out to capture the stretch of the estuary from Canvey to Shoeburyness through my eyes. Taking pictures that the non-photographer may not even consider as well as some more usual shots.

Boom (1)Boom (1) Red BenchRed Bench

My book 'A Photographers Walk - Canvey to Shoeburyness' contains my selection of 53 images. Other than an introduction there are no words as I would like the pictures to speak for themselves. I like to think of it as a whimsical jaunt along this popular part of the Thames with some of its idiosyncrasies. The photobook is 6 1/2 inches square with soft cover. It is available to pre-order at £20 plus £1.50 UK delivery. Please e-mail me . It will also be available at my next event, Essex Craft & Design at RHS Hyde Hall, 28th April - 1st May, 1000 - 1700 each day.

BookBookPictures without words documenting my vision from a number of walks taking me from Canvey island to Shoeburyness. Available to pre-order via



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